AtlasVet Operations Status Update – 12/31/2021

AtlasVet Operations Status Update

AV Faithful,

Due to the uptick in COVID 19 positive cases in the District of Columbia, we are initiating the following new protocols for our clients:

1)  As of Monday, January 3, 2022 all clients who wish to enter the building will need to present proof of vaccination and a valid ID (to match the vaccination card).  
2) If you do not have a valid vaccination card and ID, we will still happily see your pet, but you will not be allowed to enter the building and the appointment will be changed to a curbside or car appointment (Client waits outside or in car and communicates with AtlasVet by phone or text)
3) For appointments, one client (with vaccination card) will still be allowed inside the building per pet.  Please keep this to one human/one pet.  We love seeing your children, but bringing them to the appointment will result in a curbside or car appointment.  
4) All surgery check-ins will be performed outside.

Thank you for your patience as we start yet another year under the pall of this pandemic.  We wish you and your four legged friends nothing but the best in 2022.