Veterinary Acupuncture

In Fall 2019, AtlasVet started to provide a holistic and acupuncture service. Kate White, DVM, CVA is a veterinarian certified in acupuncture practice. Dr. White believes that by integrating western and TCVM approaches, a veterinarian can achieve a better result on your pet’s overall health. By doing a thorough evaluation of a pet’s entire body, Dr. White can appropriately suggest a combination of prevention and treatment using acupuncture where it will be most effective in conjunction with conventional veterinary medicine.

Benefits of Veterinary Acupuncture

  • Veterinary acupuncture stimulates the release of the body’s own pain relieving and anti-inflammatory substances. 
  • Relaxation of muscles at the site of needle insertion and more distant locations is achieved with veterinary acupuncture treatment, creating both a local and generalized pain relieving effect.
  • Veterinary acupuncture improves tissue blood flow, oxygenation and removal of metabolic wastes and toxins.
  • Unlike prescription and over the counter pain medications, veterinary acupuncture lacks potential adverse side effects for your pet’s internal organs.
  • Your pet’s medications or supplements will not adversely interact with veterinary acupuncture treatment, so it can safely be used to treat a variety of illnesses.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Acupuncture is reliant on your pet’s energy flow. Every effort is made to relax both the pet and the pet owner during your treatments. It’s important that the animal is as calm as possible, to allow the most comprehensive treatment and effect of the treatment. Other veterinary services will not be recommended or accessible during an acupuncture appointment as this will usually stress an animal to a degree that may interfere with the acupuncture.

Pet Acupuncture in Washington, DC