Pet Imaging & Diagnostics

Expertise & Technology

Atlas Vet is proud to offer the most advanced medicine that is currently available to our clients and their pets. We accomplish this by having well trained and educated staff and an in-house laboratory to give clients accurate and speedy diagnostic results.

We have digital radiography available for any sized pet and these radiographs are available instantly which allows immediate sharing of the images with the clients or with specialists at the click of a button.

Atlas Vet’s in-house laboratory has the ability to perform rapid blood chemistries with our i-STAT handheld chemistry analyzer as well as routine tests like heartworm ELISA and FeLV RIM tests.

AtlasVet has partnered with Antech and IDEXX laboratories to offer hundreds of other blood and pathology tests, many of the results are available the next day.

Pet Diagnostics and Imaging in Washington, DC

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