Whether it is annual exams, progress exams, new patient exams, or urgent care exams, AtlasVet’s goal is to reduce the stress associated with the exam process for the pet and client alike. We have found that when the pet owner is more relaxed, the pet is more likely to be as well.

Warm, professional care

Our lobby is spacious, warm and welcoming and has a quiet area off to the side for higher-stress or feline patients. AtlasVet’s exam rooms are individually decorated with homey furniture, ambient lighting, comfortable chairs and rugs. We love to avoid using exam tables and prefer to interact with your pet on their terms. Thus, the majority of our exams take place right on the exam room floor with your veterinarian on the same level as your pet.

AtlasVet has 30 min appointments.

Many veterinary clinics see appointments in 15 or 20 minutes.  We enjoy taking the time to get to know you and your pet, thus AtlasVet has at minimum 1/2 hour long appointments.  

Urgent Care Appointments

AtlasVet is not an emergency clinic, however, we will try and see our existing clients on an urgent care basis if it is logistically feasible and is in the best interest of the pet.